Celebrate mistakes. That would be incredible to have young minds wrap themselves around that level of creativity.

Failure is creativity. It means nothing more than an opportunity to learn from what didn’t work, what may hold you back from improving and risking to try again. These skills make life work in any realm, especially relationships.

Children need to learn and develop their capacity to look at their mistakes in a safe environment. That would mean adults would first have to have this capacity. It starts from leadership.

Too many people have too much invested in their identies to look at the mistakes they may be making in educating children. Who wants to start and say the system isn’t working. Who wants to stand up at risk saying out loud they, sort, measure, compare and label children, without really knowing life themselves. These decisions whether they are right or wrong, leave lasting imprints on young lives. That is way too much power and control over the growing of humanity for my tastes.

Educators need to be viewed as life coaches. They need to first see the mistakes and failures they have made in their own lives. They need to get comfortable with that before they can be given the power to judge and shape the mistakes made by young creative minds.

Failure is not a bad thing. If there is an opportunity to reflect and grow from mistakes, failure is creativity.

The ability for educators as life coaches to see how they are viewing other human beings and for what reasons, will allow for a radical revolution in hearts and minds.

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