Brooks, great read. I admire you for taking on this topic of self-image. What is it and what do we really need it for.

What fascinates me is to consider the nature of thoughts. Instead of continuely analyzing thought, which is the feedback loop from hell. Because it’s just more thought trying to show how important it is.

Thoughts are man made, like you say for a self-image. Thoughts are not a real thing like nature. Thoughts have no independent identity. Like a rock or a tree.

Most of us experience life through these made up thoughts. Our thoughts go back to the past and extend to create a future. But it’s not really a past and future. It’s made up thought that we spend our lives stuck circling around.

I challenge you to see the nature of thoughts. There is nothing really there but more thoughts. When they are finished as the ruler of your life. When they take their proper place for communication and to learn a skill there is an opening of incredible freedom.

Most people have never considered what thoughts really are. They have lived their whole lives to build up knowledge in thought of who they are and gain importance.

This is what most of us live for. It’s what I lived for!

This knowledge is equated with life. Knowledge is not a living thing. It is only thought. Telling itself how important it is so it can keep control.

They miss out on what it means to love because they are caught up in their identity and proving who they are and their position in life based on thoughts.

We need to learn to lead with love and compassion for other human beings and not live protecting our own identity in our heart at all costs.

The human heart is the most difficult thing to rescue. It’s barricaded in thought. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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