Benjamin, excellent read.

“How you act and what you do shapes your internal identity. Hence, when you make a personal investment in yourself, you create an immediate psychological upgrade.

You raise the bar on what you believe you’re worth.

You raise the bar on what you believe you can do”.

Elevating your sense of what you deserve isn’t about entitlement. It’s about growth. At the deepest level, it’s about giving and gratitude — the hallmarks of abundance.

You give because you already have so much (everything you need and more).

You give because you’re grateful.

You give because you genuinely want to help other people.

You give because you want to grow.

And you grow, because you want to give more. As the saying goes, ‘don’t work to make money… make money so you can do more and better work.’

The first step, then, to using your time in the best possible way, is to elevate what you believe you deserve. If you don’t believe you deserve to spend your time on amazing things, you’ll continually sabotage yourself. You’ll continue to act in ways to PROVE TO YOURSELF you aren’t worth more. You’ll try to keep yourself small.

You elevate your sense of belief by changing your behavior in the here-and-now. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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