As long as it can be seen that humanity is winging it, maybe it’s a good time to ask why? Why is the “me”, at the center of a human being driven to seek pleasure and identity at such great costs? To defend and protect itself in order to prove itself in relation to another human being.

The truth is the psychological center for humans is the same for everyone. It may act out differently. It may have differing accomplishments and be driven by varying goals. Yet, the psychological make up of human, the “me” is all man-made thought. Memory as a “me” is thought gathered in time and used as the working theory of life.

The “me” is an illusion. It is made up by thought and has no existence independent of thought. It may appear that the experience of life from the perspective of a “me” is reality. That is the validity of an illusion, the extent that it gets you to believe it’s real.

The current education system and society indoctrinate children into the tradition of what it means to be a “me”. Through comparison and measurement they are trained to see themselves as different and seperate from one another. Human beings then work, work, work to improve the man-made concept of a “me”. Human beings go to great lengths in search of something that will then mean they are somebody.

There is no summit or heaven to be reached or soul to grow through experiences. This is the illusion. There is no higher consciousness for a “me” to evolve to. This is also an illusion. The pyscholocigal “me” that lives in frustration, pain and fear on a daily basis is what society has created as the system for human beings.

There is no “me” at the center as thought has built. This is an illusion. There is no way to improve an illusion. It is an illusion. Thought must be seen through. Thought must end as the ruler in life for there to be freedom. Then the consiousness of human beings is of an order beyond thought. This is love.

This is not freedom from something. This is freedom and creativity itself. An intelligence that is of a different order than thought.

Brenda Ammon Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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