Anthony, good information. While this may be true I struggle with the presentation of the content.

I like to take a little softer approach. I love people. All people. Even the ones living in mediocrity.

My question is why? Why is the path to mediocrity so trodden?

I could start with my own life story and say because the fight in your head to get out of it is so damn hard. Because we have been trained in mediocrity.

I have always thought my kids were creative geniuses. Not because they were any different than other kids. I just saw them this way because I wanted too. I believed in them.

Two have graduated college and two are in high school. Not until recently did I start sharing explicitly with them this belief that they are creative geniuses.

Guess what happened…..all four of them loved it. I didn’t even realize how much they loved it at first. Now that I get what it means to them I try different ways to remind them they are creative geniuses.

Just think if kids were clearly shown this when they were young. What if we gave kids a context in school for the creative geniuses they are.

What if they learned about how uncertain life is and all the obstacles they will face. What if they were shown all human beings are in this same struggle. That they are not alone and isolated in their own story.

That they are taught to understand that they are a creative genius and they will figure a way to be a contribution to life that no one has thought of yet.

That they will learn how to be their own person that is creative, healthy and loving.

This is what I like to instill in my kids.

Society and the education system needs to stop paving the path to mediocrity.

-- Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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