Anastasia Basil I am a co-creator of four humans. Nice to meet you. You and I think alike! Your thoughts are amazing and woke up my heart and mind!

My two oldest graduated from University of Michigan Ross School of Business Success in academics is what was ingrained in them to get ahead. It’s what we believed at the time was the answer to a good life. (Go Blue!)

My two youngest, also are beautiful children but I see life differently now. They are who they are, all four of them, because I love who they want to BE. The contribution they want to BE to impact others and make lives better!

School indoctrinates kids into a world of suffering, measurement, comparison and worth based on somebody saying so? Who says so? Why are they important and these kids not? As parents, we have given our authority away?!

Why are dreams not instilled? Why is scarcity? Why is the way the world works based on quantum mechanics and the observer effect not considered in real life experiences??? Why is easy to explain Newtonian physics left in place

Maybe because those in the academic and political world don’t understand what real power and freedom can do in a child’s mind. They have no “time” or vulnerability to ponder the meaning creativity and possibility can have in life!

The universe is creative. The universe does not move based on cause and effect. It may appear that our lives are caused. For the few that see differently the power and freedom to dream and create the life you want is open-ended.

I’ll stand by that! Quantum physics empowers life at the ordinary scale too! The way we view life needs a paradigm shift. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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