Amy Faeskorn I have never been a facebook girl. I enjoy real connection too! Your article brought up a lot of things for me. This thought sticks out-

Decide who really, truly matters, and act accordingly”;

Ever since I have been on Medium I give articles I read the maximum 50 claps. I never wanted to be the judge if I valued them by 1 clap or 20. I chose 50. Then when I read your article I went a little deeper. There are articles I browse and don’t leave a single clap if it doesn’t speak to me. (Is this judging??)

Going even deeper, I guess when I think about the facebook thing I don’t feel a lot of value there. And maybe I am missing something for those that do.

I read a really startling article online about a woman who wrote a blog and had millions of followers ten years ago. She posted her entire life online, from parenting to her relationship with her spouse. Then her marriage fell apart and she went into deep depression.

Who am I wanting to be on facebook? I have posted like two things. My first post was a Seth Godin article that I completely resonated with. I see facebook as a tool to follow groups I am interested in. I even joined Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. My husband is a fan and Keith made it to 75 years old. He is as real about his life as he has been from the start. He holds nothing back.

I like that. Be Real. Be Free.

Keith is not trying to prove anything from what I understand about him. I like that. No false pretense or bravado. (This limits the suffering over who we are)

Amy, your article has inspired me to get comfortable with what I feel. Not to judge others but to share how I see life. Thank you. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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