Alexandra, wow, love the depth of your insights. Standardized tests keep the status quo in place of how you measure success. Don’t get me started how they decimate society.

They are efficient in the minds of educators for sorting and labeling purposes. This is actually keeps the educators authority in place. Defining kids worth.

Yet, they can easily destory how students see themselves as you say if they buy into them as a measure of their worth. Many students and parents do.

My oldest graduated with a 4.0 in high school. He was labeled non-proficient in many things on the standardized test in junior high.

He later went on to score a 33 on the ACT.

Did he turn into a different kid over those years? No. He learned the system.

What standardized tests do is require that kids force themselves to learn what educators want. They aren’t really learning as much as they are practicing at getting good at a system.

My son has GRIT and is very bright. But if I hadn’t been there to tell him these numbers meant nothing. If I would have let the system define him in junior high, he would have been another casualty of the myopic system.

The Wall Street Journal recently printed an article that University of Chicago, is no longer requesting standardized tests as a part of their admissions????

This is the scary thing when you explain, “She told me that she is not afraid that she won’t take it but rather that she will have a bad grade and people would think she is stupid”.

Why would we want an education system that stimulates this belief in kids? Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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