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Discover Your Recreate Button

Unknowingly I hit the recreate button on my life this week. I felt uncertainty to show up and give a powerful talk. The resistance to share my point of view became a street-fight with vulnerability.

Hiding Behind Perfecting Images of Yourself

The story in my head was, I swung left to protect myself with one image. When that fell through I swung right to hide behind another image that I swear I had perfected.

When that image failed my mind clamped down like a steel trap. …

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On The Path to Self-Awareness

I bought a book for my oldest son. Something he shared had interested him. It came in a week because the lovers of Amazon no longer get our two-day prime shipping. Harrison already had gotten the audible version and was half way through.

A Book About Nothing

“Mom” he says, “have you read Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing, by Jed McKenna. In the book he explains that we are all performing on a stage. Our egos are made up and we are really “nothing” acting on a stage that we feel means everything. But we are no thing”.

I said oh, “tell me more…

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Grow Your Self-Awareness

I responded to Tom Kuegler request to fans to check out an old article today. I came away with a question.

What made great writers? What made fascinating growth for entrepreneurs? How did self-awareness play a part to help them get out of their own way on the path to greater success?

I asserted it had something to do with 1).their willingness to ask for help. 2). To push a little farther than others in understanding what it takes to have success.

Self-awareness is Key

Nine out of ten entrepreneurs fail. Whether you are a writer or…

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Using Old FDA Approved Drugs

We live in the greatest country in the world. That’s why the United States is fast tracking ways to fight against the coronavirus. Late this week generic drug Hydroxychloroquine (brand name Plaquenel) and Azithromycin combined together were learned to be effective against the virus.

Boston Medical Center
Meanwhile, a story broke Thursday 3/19 in the Boston Herald by Rick Sobey — “Boston Medical Center infectious diseases specialist told the Boston Herald the hospital is administering the drug to anyone who is either confirmed or suspected of having the virus”.

In addition, Sobey reported on the hope of Hydroxychloroquine, an old…

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Feel Unstoppable

What is it about certain humans that have put themselves out there in a way that leaves you inspired? What draws you in?

Why do you feel like a part of them lives on in you when they are gone?

Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna’s tragic death rocked our home. Kobe has been a staple in our love of basketball. First wearing the number 8 and then 24.

The jerseys changed but our curiosity for Kobe’s display of basketball prowess did not. Kobe left his “Mamba Mentality” as a legacy to each of us. …

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Tell Me More

Tell me more about your life. What do you find fascinating? Why is that? Why do you struggle to have more of that in your life? What can change this?

My answer used to be that I found outward success fascinating.

How do you measure success for your life? Tell me more. Why is that important to you? Why does that matter?

Who’s Version of Success

Who taught you? What kind of success do they have? Can you let go of their meaning and discover your own?

Question Your Beliefs

The questions you ask yourself are important…

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Photo by Pilar Gonzalez Prieto on Unsplash

Photo by Pilar Gonzalez Prieto on Unsplash

Success Gets You Half Way

Success gets you half way to freedom in life. Emotional intelligence, to learn compassion for yourself and others, is the second half. This is the journey to greatness and emotional freedom. This is why I coach.

Have you ever felt the way Jennifer Moss, author in a Harvard Business Review Series on Emotional Intelligence, describes here, “Happiness feels intolerably elusive for many of us. Like fog, you can see it from afar, dense and full of shape. …

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To Discover More Connection, Creativity and Innovation In Your Life

My friend Patrick texted me I want to be free.

My question back was “free from what?”

“Free from the burden of my thoughts stealing my joy”.

I asked back, “what does joy mean to you”.

He got quiet. He wasn’t sure.

The answer never needed memorizing for a test at school. To create the life you want rather than default to the future in front of you made him curious.

Patrick had never considered that level of responsibility. The ability to design the way he wanted to feel. …

You can do it

Creativity Beyond Thought

What is it like to see beyond thought? What would that even feel like for a human being? Having the ability to perceive life with your heart wide open. Rather than the constant narrative of the intellect from stored memory?

Rarely does anyone live in the present moment.

What exhilaration is in store for human beings to see from this perspective of freedom? Rather than cause and effect, tradition or karma in life? (If I perform well I will get results and have the life I want??) …

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Time Stops For No-one

Two years ago my friend Nick and I talked of the anticipation of our girls playing college soccer. He was a top administrator of a hospital. He loved his Friday night cocktail events with his neighbors. He loved his wife. He loved his girls. He died of a stroke. He was 52. I remember the stories he told. He was a great storyteller. His youngest daughter plays college soccer today.

Change Happens

Change is inevitable in life. You may have a crisis that acts as a wake up call to what you are missing. A death…

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